How to write your own 6 month plan

How do I make my own 6 month plan?  It’s easy! (The only hard part for me is knowing myself enough to know what I truly want–not just what I think I want.)

Again, this material was adapted from Denise Spatafora’s Be Clear methodology. More specifically, I took “Designing Life After College” from her at UCLA. To learn more, go here

  1. Tie up loose ends from 2012.  It’s hard to move forward when you’re lugging around all the unsaid comments, unfinished tasked, and otherwise unresolved things from the past. Take care of them now, or make a commitment to finish them by a concrete date.
  2. Look at your life. This leads to setting goals. Where is your life right now? And, where would you like it to be in 6 months? This should be realistic yet ambitious. Be enthusiastic with your dreaming, and be kind with your realism. Need help identifying what to focus on? Try looking at the “7 Aspects of Life” and pick one or two that resonates with you. The 7 are: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, professional/school, inancial, and social (friends/family).
  3. Set goals. For help creating clear goals, check out the University of Chicago’s SMART TIPS. When it comes to goals for the 6 month plan, one important, clear goal that you want and will fulfill is way more beneficial than 10 you won’t.
  4. Imagine June 2013. This is tied with setting the goal(s), but what does the end of June 2013 look like? What do you want to be doing/have done? Who do you want to be?  What does it feel like. Knowing what and where the finish line is makes running the race easier.
  5. Mark the milestones. Working backwards from June 2013, where do you want to be in April? What do you want to have accomplished? Then further back to mid-February, what do you want to have done by then?
  6. Create the actions for the first 2-3 weeks. Big projects like this take a lot of effort to plan, and often plans change as you get going. (Ever set out for a road trip only to discover you need a new battery? I certainly have. And if it’s not the battery, it’s something else.) In other words, break it into manageable chunks. What specific actions will you take starting Jan. 1 to move towards your goal? When will you have these actions completed? I will do x by y date. I will do x at least y times a week.
  7. Create the vision boardMake a visual representation (a playlist for the audio-inclined) of what you want and will have June 2013 feel like. Any size, any color, any way you want to make it. I made mine with magazine cutouts and hand drawings. The vision board is a symbol of your commitment and a real-world image (or playlist) to remind yourself as you go along. Mine is on my desk, so I look at it whenever I get on my laptop.

Have fun creating these plans! Still to come: maintain the plan.


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