So, how’s that 6 Month Plan?

So…. I may have dropped off the wagon a little bit. All my energy for that 6 Month Plan ended up funneled into the following Facebook status:

tired of being a boring 20-something and looking for meaning in life on Saturday night, I decided to enroll in LACMA’s adult art classes, but it doesn’t fit with my schedule, so then I tried to join a kickball league, but it said sorry we’re full, so I got a magazine subscription to National Geographic instead.

To date, it’s one of my most popular Facebook posts (for what that’s worth) right up there with my 6 Month Plan. I realized two things:

  1. Making a plan takes work. Maintaining the plan requires even more.
  2. I can post thought-provoking articles everyday, but that doesn’t mean I’m living by what they say.

So now what? Now I’m going to use this blog in a more personal way to detail my progress on my 6 Month Plan (as well as share cool articles). This is my first progress post, and I think you can tell that I’m a bit behind schedule. Still to come: my updated action plan for the next 2-3 weeks.


Until then, all my love,

B. Teng


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