Update on the 6 Month Plan

Action Plan for January 2013

Goal A: successful UniCamp training

  • discuss BeClear+UniCamp partnership with Denise, Program Directors, and other relevant people (conversations already started)
    • follow-up with all relevant parties and start new conversations by Jan. 15
    • Definitely behind schedule, but I did email Denise again and I forwarded the lesson plan to camp. To be continued…
  • create action plan for time as HC
    • by Jan. 18, outline timeline of HC responsibilities from Lship training until camp
    • yeah, this didn’t happen. I forgot and then it seemed like an unnecessary amount of work (I got lazy.) Still thinking about creating an all-Lship resource book, but it’ll probably happen as I go rather than in advance.
  • set goals for self, HCAs, session, and camp
    • by retreat (approx. 1/18) write out who I want to be and what I want to do as HC and at least 3 expectations each of myself, my team (how I will interact with them), my session (how I will interact with them), and camp (what I want to accomplish/present)
    • working on it for retreat this weekend.

Goal B: school/career

  • finish applications for grad. school (Jan 15. for Columbia; Feb. 1 for SDSU)
  • submitted Colulmbia. decided not to apply to SDSU.
  • who can I talk to about grad. school/work? (make list of people by 1/11)
    • J., L., A., M., etc.
    • then make committment to contact at least 3 of them
    • emailed to start these conversations. more to come.

Goal C: personal growth

  • continue blog
    • at least 1 post/week
    • yup!
  • continue conversations with A.
    • at least 1 conversation (at least 15 minutes) per week
    • yup!

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