Update: all good things

Still moving along. Much busier now but loving it.

Moving towards grad school. Loved being at UC Davis over the weekend. Definitely feel the ecology group it’s a good fit for me.

UniCamp is going well. Have my team! We had a great talk tonight about our goals and about natural born gifts.

Work was fun today. Partnering with a local university, which was a cool new experience.

All in all, feeling alive and well ūüôā

With love,


Update: Accomplishments & New Goals

Goal A: successful UniCamp training

I have my team! Now the work is shifting from creating my vision to forming our dynamic. 

New goals: (1) meet with each individually; (2) share ideas to set group direction/expectations, (3) have fun!

Goal B: school/career

I applied to grad schools, and I’m heading to UC Davis to talk with faculty this weekend. Conversations with my PhD friends were enlightening and fruitful. Renewed clarity and excitement!

New goals: (1) research each faculty member (webpage, skim publications, read at least1 article); (2) reflect on my goals and potential projects (3 each by Thursday night), (3) be true to me!

Goal C: personal growth

Blog and conversations continue! Making lots of personal observations and have noticed greater self-awareness.

I’m not the best, but I can do it

Positive Affirmations–fantastic or forgery? I never jumped on the positive affirmation bandwagon, mostly because I never really understood what they were. This article¬†does¬†a great job explaining not only what they are but also how to do them better. This is to say that mainstream positive affirmations make people feel worse.

I remember telling myself “I’m a good dancer” but I’m not and it only made me feel worse when someone pointed it out. Now, I tell myself things that are true: I have fun dancing; I like dancing; and I make other people feel more comfortable dancing by being so free. That’s true and even when someone says I’m not a good dancer, all those things I tell myself are still true. I’m not a liar or a fake. I’m just me and I’m just having fun.

Full article here