Updates: All Good

Overall good things are happening! The path is not what I expected (grad. school may not happen because of funding issues), but it’s all good.

Goal A: successful UniCamp training

(1) meet with each individually; (2) share ideas to set group direction/expectations, (3) have fun!

Accomplished. The team really embraced the expectations, having fun, and natural born gifts. Super excited! We’ve had multiple conversation about natural gifts, and they are even helping me identify more mine (comfortable and perceptive). 

Next: continue conversations, starting planning for volunteers.

Goal B: school/career

(1) research each faculty member (webpage, skim publications, read at least 1 article); (2) reflect on my goals and potential projects (3 each by Thursday night), (3) be true to me!

Did the research, reflected on goals and projects, and was true to me. Waiting for official decisions from UC Davis and Columbia, but I’m expecting good things. Whether or not I end up going, it’s been an informative and fun process.

Next: wait and see.

Goal C: personal growth

Fell off the blog-wagon a little bit, but picking it back up now. Conversations continue, with my team and with A. It’s been slower than expected but all good.


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