Book: The Little Prince

When I was in fourth or fifth grade, we read the Little Prince. Everyone said it was so great, and I realized that one day I would have to read the full version. Because, the version we read had pictures and very short chapters. As they taught me in school, that makes it very childish. So clearly as a great book the version with pictures and short chapters must be an adaptation.

One of my friends has been telling me to read (or re-read) The Little Prince for years. Finally he lent me his copy. I started reading. Strange, I though. I feel like I’ve read this version before. It’s not quite the picture book I remember, but it still seems short like the one I remember. Sure enough it was.

The Little Prince, it turns out, is written in a way that children can read it. But it’s also written in a way that I think very few adults will truly understand. I know I don’t. I could feel the depth of the wisdom in the book. I could also feel that I’m only beginning to understand some of it. Nonetheless, there is something beautiful about the metaphors, the meaning, and most particularly that which is left unsaid.

If you’re wondering how it relates to this blog (normally full of personal growth videos and articles), I’d argue that The Little Prince functions in some ways the same. It’s an examination of life and how we love and think and interact. It’s just a very poetic one.


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