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A song from Zach Sobiech, who just passed from cancer. He was first diagnosed in 2009 (like my dad) with osteosrcoma. (My dad had a liposarcoma.) They both passed this month. At any age, it’s not a fair fight, but I like to think that though they’re gone they won by facing the fight with grace and compassion.


Candy Cab.

It’s not our jobs that define us but rather our values and what we decide to do with them.

Cameron Russell: Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.

It may be everything we like to tell ourselves, but it’s actually coming from someone who lives it. I value tremendously people speaking from their own lived experiences, not just others speaking for them. Awareness comes in all forms.

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Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius

Loved the poetic wording in the video and concept of placing at least part of creativity beyond the human experience.

Check out the video here


Well, it’s almost here. The end of the 6 months. (Okay, so technically, it’s not over until the end of June.) In the past 4.5 months, how have I done? I was asked on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being I stayed on the couch, 10 being I completely nailed it) where I was. I said 8.  I also said that I don’t think I’m really on the scale any more.

What do I mean? I’m not measuring in “how well did I do”. I’m measuring in “what did I do” and even more so “why did I do it?”. Re-evaluating not based on results but based on courage (I’m looking at you, Brene Brown) is perhaps the most important product of this journey I’ve been on.

Though I only just finished Daring Greatly (Brene’s most recent book/guide), I think these 6 Months have been about doing just that: Daring Greatly. I’ve been doing things that scare me in the vulnerable way, and now it’s time to wrap it up and plan out the next 6 Months.

More to come!



For a long time, I thought I was the only one. I didn’t even realize the connection until I went to college. Without a tv in the dorms I started sleeping more soundly and my nightmares stopped. My friend had a tv and one night I was talking with her as she watched law and order. I had my first nightmare of college that night. That’s when I realized watching graphic content on tv (Buffy, Angel, bones, CSI, the news, you name it) gave me nightmares. Took me 19 years to figure it out. Reading Brene Brown’s newest book, Daring Greatly, several passages have leapt out at me. They define an experience I’ve had so clearly that I can’t deny it. The passage included here is one such passage. Love the book! One of the few that’s more appealing to me than paying video games.


Interesting article about how resiliency is built and how it functions. I especially love that they recognize different people respond differently, some with minimal impact and some with severe trauma.