Update: It’s about the doing

My 6 month plan feels like it’s in shambles. I’m not going to grad school, and I don’t have a clearer career focus. Camp is going fine, but I don’t have as much time as I thought so I haven’t pursued as many of my new ideas as I planned. My personal growth is coming in bits and pieces.

Still, there’s something beautiful about where I am. Even though I’m no closer to my overarching goals (and I’m not even sure what those are any more) I hear in my voice a greater clarity. My appreciation for the process is greater.

It’s not even about the results, at least not the ones I set out to obtain. It’s about the doing. It’s the fact that I’ve invested the past four months on this journey. That I’m aware of even the possibility to make these changes. That I’m thinking and taking and reflecting about my life and how I act in the world.
Maybe that’s the real goal of a 6 month plan: to behave in accordance with my own beliefs, rather than simply move through the world or react. I’m not sure if I’m any closer to being “there” but maybe there is no “there”. There’s just here.

Also, I’ve read a lot of good books and that’s great!


One thought on “Update: It’s about the doing

  1. This is great. Reminds me of Randy Pausch’s “head fake” definition and theory — indirect learning, and the idea that we set our minds on a goal, when really it’s the journey that makes us learn.

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