Update: Finishing up the 6 Month Plan

Well, it’s almost here. The end of the 6 months. (Okay, so technically, it’s not over until the end of June.) In the past 4.5 months, how have I done? I was asked on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being I stayed on the couch, 10 being I completely nailed it) where I was. I said 8.  I also said that I don’t think I’m really on the scale any more.

What do I mean? I’m not measuring in “how well did I do”. I’m measuring in “what did I do” and even more so “why did I do it?”. Re-evaluating not based on results but based on courage (I’m looking at you, Brene Brown) is perhaps the most important product of this journey I’ve been on.

Though I only just finished Daring Greatly (Brene’s most recent book/guide), I think these 6 Months have been about doing just that: Daring Greatly. I’ve been doing things that scare me in the vulnerable way, and now it’s time to wrap it up and plan out the next 6 Months.

More to come!


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