Article: Brene’s Move-a-Body Friends

In this article, Brene (Brown, but I feel like I’m on a first name basis with her now) explains what she means by a “move-a-body” friend. Having thought she meant it in the “I just killed someone way”, I was amused to discover the true origins.  I am also extremely grateful to have a few move-a-body friends in my life.


Update: 6 Months Complete

Yes, I’m a bit late. Anyway, let’s do a final report on my 6 Month Plan for January-June 2013.

Goals for June 2013:

  • successful UniCamp training completed (and mistakes/problems addressed along the way); prepared for week of camp
  • awareness of options regarding grad. school and career; moving towards insights/clarity
  • continuation of personal journey & growth

A. UniCamp – Yes! Training went really well. We had a great group of volunteers, and as a team we addressed challenges quickly. Definitely felt prepared going into the week of camp, and so grateful to have the wonderful team I had. Week went smoothly (again, all challenges met quickly and compassionately). As with any experience, there were moments of doubt and trial. I described my feelings the first two days as “zaza”, which was made up term for neither good nor bad yet still weird. From there, the week went up and up. The ending was phenomenal with multiple people expressing their gratitude. Highlight of the experience: Happy (one of the adult staffers from BGC) performing an original poem at Talent Show about his experience. It hailed the trees and the river and even our mission statement.


B. Career / Education – Yes and no. I did accomplish my goals for the 6 months. I applied to graduate programs. I talked to people. I gained awareness about the process and what the potential experience would be like. I also did some career exploration. No concrete plans for the next year, but I did accomplish my goals. Time to set new ones. (More to come!)


C. Personal journey / growth – Yes. Perhaps my greatest success. Though I didn’t have the capstone experience like I did with camp, my personal journey in the past 6 months has been tremendous. The conversations I have had with my friends, the reflection and self-awareness I experienced, and the shift in myself that I engendered–it’s all been wonderful.


I once thought to myself in high school that every 6 months I look back and seen a tremendous change in myself.  At the time, I looked back with embarrassment at who I had been and what I had done. (Cringe-worthy teenage moments, anyone?) I did this embarrassed self-reflection through middle school and high school. Yet, at some point it changed from being embarrassed at being so naive previously to hoping I would always look back 6 months from now and say, “Wow, I’ve learned so much, grown so much, that I wish I had known then.”  I think that I can continue to say that–perhaps in less dramatic ways now that my brain chemistry isn’t completely re-wiring itself in a hormonal flood–is pretty neat.

To practice gratitude, I am so thankful for (1) life class and Denise Spatafora for providing the tools and the forum to ground this journey of growth, (2) Brene Brown and her books for inspiring me and de-mystifying so much of the world for me, (3) my friends for coming along on this journey with me, (4) my family for being loving, (5) Los Angeles for having so many great places to eat and for providing an exciting backdrop to my early 20s, (6) my job for being challenging, (7) my coworker for being empathetic and equally frustrated, and (8) UniCamp, Mentorship, and LCC for allowing my college experience to continue even after I graduated and for providing some of the best experiences I have had as a human.

With love,