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I believe that truth–the deep, personal kind of truth that comes from the soul–deserves to be championed. It is exactly that kind of truth that Gabrielle Union shares in this acceptance speech. Having lived in Los Angeles for 5 years, I understand the culture of pretending to which Ms. Union references. I also know that living our truth is a struggle for many including me. I think there is something powerful and beautiful and freeing about living truth. I value it from others, and I want to practice it myself.

For a dose of soul-deep truth, check out her speech here.


Thanks to a friend who reads my blog, I came across this video. As a visual learner, I appreciated the translation of how many days we have in our lives into an equivalent number of jellybeans. (I also have to give mad props to the amount of time and work that must have gone into planning, filming, editing, and producing the video.) Providing a sense of perspective on our time alive on Earth, the video adds a sense of urgency (in a good way) to doing something worth while with our lives.


Check it out here:

As you may know, realistic goals and goal setting are two of the big components in setting an effective 6 Month Plan. In this video, Marie Forleo (remember her from here and here?) tackles goals in a stress-reducing, new way. With 3 steps, Marie (1) gets all the mental clutter onto paper, (2) cuts out anything outside of personal control (LOVE LOVE LOVE this!), and (3) eliminates “meh” items (so cool!). If you’re dealing with mental “overwhelm” or clutter, check this out!

In my previous post featuring Viola Davis on Oprah, I touched on the subject of a lack of representation in media and mentioned its negative effects. Thanks to Brene’s blog, I came across a TED Talk that beautifully explains this concept, and I think the title does a great job by itself: the danger of a single story. Chimamanda Adichie discusses a single story in the context of literature and news, but there is a broader context of movies, TV, friends, etc. One of the values I hold very dear is that of diversity, and I think this video eloquently explains how that can be so important.

In this article from, the author explores how pink and blue as baby colors–with blue for boys and pink for girls–is a recent invention. In fact, there’s a fascinating photo of FDR in a dress as a young boy from a time when that was the expected attire of all children. Great read for anyone interested in gender or American history.