TED Talk: Start with Why – Simon Sinek

Because people are moved more when they understand the “why” begin something, Simon Sinek argues that success ideas and businesses are sold with why. And, not just including the why but leading with it. I love the concept, and it’s something I am incorporating in my communications.

To illustrate the concept, here’s my own example:

  • Normal conversation (what before why): You need to show up to this meeting, because you need to reach 100 hours of training.
  • Moving conversation (why before what): Because you are required to reach 100 hours of training, you need to show up to this meeting.

For me, the first example sounds demanding. You need to… And instantly I’m thinking, “I do not need,” and I completely miss the reason why. However when the second example puts the reason first, I have the chance to understand it before my mind puts up resistance to being told I have to do something.

Because Simon explains this concept so eloquently and persuasively and because this concept can transform communication, I encourage you to check it out here: http://tv.yahoo.com/video/playlist/daytime/dint-teri-hatchers-embarrassing-first-185432798.html


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