Videos: Being Present and More – Oprah talks with Marie

More Marie! And, more Super Soul Sunday!  A whole series of videos full of wisdom.


In the first video from the link, Marie talks about being present as one of the best things to do spiritually. Love it!

As someone who checks Facebook while brushing my teeth, I know being present is an area I can work on. In fact, my friend/co-worker told me a few months ago about a “game” during meals with friends. Everyone turns their phone face down in a pile, and the first person to check their phone pays for dinner. And, it’s not about the paying for dinner part. It’s about the putting down the phone and engaging part. Since then I’ve explained this to others in my friends circle, and I made a startling discovery: the friends who were willing to participate (we never did the pay for the meal part, just the not checking the phone until the meal was over) were the friends with whom I shared the best connection, the best stories, and the best time.

Having experienced the benefits of increasing how present I am, I am a huge advocate for the practice. (It’s not so much a state of mind as it is a constant choice.) Also as someone who struggles with being present, I know it’s challenging to change. Still, it’s worth it.


The second video talks about 20-somethings looking for fulfillment, and I’m right there with them. At least for me, I am looking for that meaning and that greater good in my life. Hence this blog. Hence my volunteering. Hence the job I had at a non-profit. Hence all the extra work I put into UniCamp that you’ve read pieces of.


Video 3: Nine ways to be more spiritual. Some of my favorite moments:

  • Not because it changed, but because I change” on watching The Power of Myth once a year.
  • “It’s really about… how can I give.”
  • “Look for the patterns… what makes you happy, what makes you come alive, what is your bliss.”
  • “The first place to start is gratitude.”


All the videos have nuggets of wisdom, so check out more at


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