Video: Is it fear or intuition?

As someone who resists new situations even when it’s good for me, I relate to the question of fear vs. intuition. Am I resisting because it’s scary yet good for me (how I felt about being the Head Counselor for UCLA UniCamp) or because my intuition is saying stay away (how I felt coming fast over a hill on an ATV–I stopped on the exact edge of a 20′ drop).

Of course, the two feelings–fear and intuition/foreboding–aren’t always easy to separate. When I first started rock climbing, I had a fear of falling. This was fear, and something I overcame. After a year break from climbing, I came back and needed to belay. Because belaying puts someone’s safety in my hands, I always have some fear. This time though my intuition added to the fear. I needed a refresher. Instead of faking it till I figured it out, I asked my friend to go over the basics with me first. It all came back within 5 minutes, but I know I could have missed something crucial without listening to my intuition and asking for help.

So, how can do you tell the difference between the two? Marie tackles this question in a great video. Check it out here.


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