Update: 2 weeks into the new plan

Since I posted my new 6 Month Plan, I’ve spent more time playing Dragon Age than thinking about personal growth. And I think that’s been good. Playing the game revitalized my sense of accomplishment and purpose while challenging me to be strategic and forcing me into new ways of thinking. All the hours on the XBOX may also reflect a lack of traction with my plan. (Or perhaps this is the chrysalis stage of my current metamorphosis.)

Anyway, here’s the breakdown of my work:

  1. Physical: Complete a workout routine at least 3 times a week. Stretch after each workout. Enjoy the outdoors at least once every two weeks (e.g., hiking, going to the beach).
    1. So far, so good! It’s been a struggle. Even though I picked a short core routine and I limited it to every other day with the weekends “off” I still struggle to start. Speaking of which, I’m due for my second workout of the week today. Yup, a day behind this week. 
  2. Career/Education: Continue checking job postings at least twice a week. Apply to at least one job a week. Interview at least once a month. Aim to have job relating to conservation/ecology/environment by October 12. If not, apply to local “filler” jobs (e.g., Home Depot, Yogurtland). Update contacts at UC Davis and UCLA about plans by October 31.
    1. Still checking the listings, but not applying. Decided to wait it out on the two apps in the works at the moments. More to come! Still looking for the job and to update my contacts. 

Well, after the update I feel better about my progress. I may have set “low-lying” goals, but another way to say that is realistic. Why am I writing this? I want to highlight the benefit of choosing “easy” goals when they involve aspects with little traction. I haven’t had any formal workout routine in 5 years, so starting light is still a huge accomplishment for me.

More to come!

P.S. Here’s a bonus video of the caterpillar-to-chrysalis transformation.


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