Song: Cup song in Gaelic

Just one of many places that retained its native name in Hawai'i
Just one of many places that retained its native name in Hawai’i

As someone who loves Brene Brown‘s work, I check out her blog from time to time. A recent post is this video, which is the Cup Song from Pitch Perfect. Besides being beautifully sung and involving an auditorium full of school kids, the performance offers something special: it’s sung in Gaelic. As easy as it is to forget that Ireland had its own language before the British took over, Gaelic is still spoken in parts of Ireland. I bring this up as some one who loves languages. They represent culture and family and different ways–literally different words and sounds–to understand the world. It’s so easy to say, “Wouldn’t it be easier if everyone just spoke one language?” And it would be easier. But that doesn’t mean we cannot also be bilingual. We can and should protect and cherish the local languages of all our homelands. Here in the USA that isn’t English. It’s hundreds of languages–most of which I don’t even know the names–spoke for thousands of years. Alaska and Hawaii have a particularly prominent display of native tongues. I hope California and all places learn to embrace the rich cultural heritage found in languages. Listen to how beauitful that can be.

More at Brene’s blog

Original Video


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