One Year, One Hundred Posts!

A year ago I started a blog. In my “I just graduated and have no clue what to do with my life HALP ME PLEEZ” breakdown/spiritual awakening/quarter-life unraveling, I found an e-book that said make a blog. (It also said a whole lot more.)

I’ve used this blog as a treasure chest of the videos and ideas that have moved me. As I love collecting mementos, I’m grateful to have this digital scrapbook of sorts.

I am also grateful for the changes in my life that have paralleled this blog, many of which I’ve alluded to.

Most of all, I’m grateful simply to have this opportunity, to be alive today, to be healthy, to have access to the internet and to its rich trove of thoughts. I’m grateful.


Here’s to happy holidays and a new year filled with new adventures!

With love,



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