Update: Searching for a new plan

Though it’s time for a new 6 month plan, I’m having troubles making one. The last two were fairly clear: address the job situation. Now I am in a job that I love (where I feel valued, have access to guidance, and enjoy my duties). I am grateful for that. That being said, I still feel I can grow; now the challenge is identifying where.

Since nothing struck me initially, I asked myself what I want June 2014 to look like. And, I realized I didn’t know. So, I pulled some magazines out of the recycle bin and searched for imagines that spoke to me.

Some images I'm using for my vision of June 2014.
Some images I’m using for my vision of June 2014.

Now that I have the vision board on my wall, I’m using it to guide what I’m looking for. I may not know what actions to take, but I know the feeling I’m going for. At least for now, that’s enough.

Looking forward to a strong, vibrant, and connected journey!


Video: Tweak the To Do List

As someone who loves to do lists, I know they sometimes facilitate accomplishment and they sometimes sit on my desk for weeks until I abandon them. What’s the difference between a productive to do list and a lackluster one? Marie Forleo has a simple yet effective tweak–and she shares in it 5 minutes!

How effective is it? After verberizing, listless lists are now checked-off action plans.

Watch the video here

Article: Healing after Trauma

As someone who has experienced emotional trauma, I believe grief and healing are inextricably tied. I also know that much of the conventional wisdom (“Stay strong!”; “It could be worse.”) struck me at best as well-intended yet empty and at worst as painfully insensitive. For years, I have struggled to explain why and more generally to understand how to heal.

This article resonated with me as honest and humble. For those seeking to understand loss and its aftermath, I’d check out the 10 observations the author makes.

Trauma is often described as emotional, but I believe it ripples out to all aspects of our lives.
Trauma is often described as purely emotional, but I believe it ripples out to all aspects of our lives.