Photo Essay: Rwandan Genocide & Forgiveness


In a moving article, the New York Times presents photos of perpetrators and survivors of the Rwandan genocide, 20 years later.

I’m struck by the willingness of the survivors to forgive. Pure strength in human form.

Screenshot of the NY Times article (
Screenshot of the NY Times article

See the photos here


Haikus: Bored Crushes

As someone who has experienced bored crushes, I love this blog post “To My Bored Crushes: A Haiku Series.”

Screen shot of the post's first haiku
Screen shot of the post’s first haiku

The series is short and simple, yet so honest and funny. Love it!

Read the whole series at


Update: There’s now a Part 2 & Part 3

Quote: 100% Yourself

100% yourself beats 100% perfect.


Sally’s assessment–one of my favorite tests–names my top three traits as ambitious, focused, and compelling.


Thank you, Sally Hogshead! As a recovering perfectionist, this is a a great mantra for me.

I discovered this quote in Sally’s article “The car wreck, the scar, and how I lost my smile,” which is about communicating, adding value, and staying true to ourselves.

Read the article at

Video: Using the subconscious

Ready for more Marie? Love this video on re-programming the subconscious mind and harnessing it’s tremendous power.

It’s estimated that about 3% of your processing power is your conscious mind. The rest of it–the other 97%–is subconscious, autonomic, automatic… By far our greatest processing power is our subconscious mind

Dr. Cathy Collautt unites science with spirituality to explain how to align our subconscious and conscious minds for maximum potential and happiness.

Watch video here