Quote: Kindness

In light of recent events in Santa Barbara, I wanted to send my love and light into the world. We could certainly use a little more of that right now.

And for those like me wondering how we change things, I particularly love this quote:

A beautiful quote from Mary Pipher
A beautiful quote from Mary Pipher

The way we change the world is a million little acts of kindness.

-Mary Pipher


TED Talk: Parenting is hard

When I look forward to parenting, it frightens me. There’s so much to consider, and I’m just not sure about any of it. (Of course, when I start looking that far in the future, I rarely find any comfort. It’s all a little too uncertain.)

Fortunately, there’s a TED Talk aimed at restoring a little calm to the stressful world of raising happy kids. I appreciate both Jennifer Senior’s honesty and humor. Worth the 18 minutes.

Watch the TED Talk here

Quote: Opposite of Play


A couple having a water fight while taking engagement photos.
A couple having a water fight while taking engagement photos.

“The opposite of play is not work; the opposite of play is depression.”

I came across this quote from Brene Brown, though it seems to attributed to several different people online. Regardless, I love the truth of the statement. Work and play are not opposites. They compliment.

Recently I’d been feeling the lack of play in my life, so I’m thankful for my friends who helped inject some fun and happiness back into my days.

I hope you get the chance to play today!