Article: ‘What do you do?’

In college, first question for a new person: what’s your major?

Acceptable answers:

    • I don’t know yet.
    • It’s _______, but I might change to…
    • I’m undeclared
    • I’m thinking of…
    • I really like ______, so maybe …?

Since graduating college, it’s all about: what do you do?

Acceptable answers:

    • My job.

On the surface, the two questions are similar. They both ask about the major focus in our lives at the moment.

Only, they ask on two very different levels. In college, everyone already knows what you do. You’re a student. So, the first question is more about interest. Plus, no one knows what they’re doing, so I felt a great freedom in that.

What about now in the “real world”? I believe life is about more than “what do you do?”. It’s about “what are you passionate about?”.

That’s why I enjoyed this article “LIFE’S MOST DANGEROUS QUESTION: WHAT DO YOU DO?

Check it out for an alternative to “what do you do?”.

P.S. I actually tested it out on an airplane ride and ended up learning a lot about growing mushrooms in Wisconsin. Pretty cool!


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