Quiet by Susan Cain


An insightful read. Below are some excerpts I liked:

“Sally is conscious of how well she comes across — you can’t be as appealing as she is without being aware of it. But that doesn’t mean her amygdala knows it. When she arrives at a party, Sally often wishes she could hide behind the nearest couch — until her prefrontal cortex takes over and she remembers what a good conversationalist she is. Even so, her amygdala, with its lifetime of stored associations between strangers and anxiety, sometimes prevails. Sally admits that sometimes she drives an hour to a party and then leaves five minutes after arriving.”

“But Little, an ethical and sympathetic man who happens to be an extremely high self-monitor, sees things differently. He views self-monitoring as an act of modesty. It’s about accommodating oneself to situational norms, rather than ‘grinding down everything to one’s own needs and concerns.’…

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Article: Best Friends are Weird

I love my best friends, and I love that they’re weird. Chrissy Stockton (Thought Catalog) apparently agrees:

Why Best Friends Are The Weirdest People In The World

Best friends are the people you wake up with at 4am by accident and stay awake for hours giggling in bed because it’s so much more fun to be awake with them than it is to sleep. They are the ones you can confess your weird crush on Severus Snape to, the ones who comfort you when your favorite character dies on Grey’s. They accept your weirdness and idiosyncrasies and you feel comfortable revealing them, because they share theirs too.

Who your best friend(s) is(are), I hope you text them to say thanks for being in my life. Or text them about the cute boy at the coffee shop. Or text them I love you. (But really, text them about the boy.)

Why Best Friends Are The Weirdest People In The World

FREE Personality Test – Only Until 7/25

News so exciting I couldn’t wait until Thursday: My favorite personality test is giving away free assessments until 7/25.

It only takes 5 minutes, and it’s the most helpful test I’ve taken. Totally changed how I understand myself and others, and super useful in interviews and at work.

Go to http://www.howtheworldseesyou.com/you and use code “BL-bteng” to take it for free by 7/25!

How To Fascinate is the best personality test I've ever taken!
How To Fascinate is the best personality test I’ve ever taken!


Quote: Center of the universe

When science discovers the CENTER of the Universe, a lot of people will be disappointed to find they are not it.

-Bernard Bailey


Fresh air helps with perspective
Eaton Canyon, CA

Always appreciate a little humor and perspective.

Happy Thursday!


P.S. When I’m looking to center myself–and realize I’m not the center of the universe–I love spending a few hours out in open spaces, like Eaton Canyon in LA County (right).

Article: 3 things to learn before growing up

Signs of growing up: I eat mac'n'cheese with vegetables
Signs of growing up: I eat mac’n’cheese with vegetables

At UCLA, there was one class I was disappointed not to find: how to be a grown up. No lecture course, no discussion. Not even a P/NP seminar. Somehow all the adults I knew seemed to know how to be adults, so where was my handbook?

I haven’t found one yet, but I’m learning a lot along the way. That includes re-learning things I knew as a child (play is a wonderful thing) and things I learned the hard way (self-criticism is often the harshest and most destructive).



What did NPR call the “3 Things Everyone Should Know Before Growing Up“? I’ve already mentioned two. Read more for the third: