Article: Best Friends are Weird

I love my best friends, and I love that they’re weird. Chrissy Stockton (Thought Catalog) apparently agrees:

Why Best Friends Are The Weirdest People In The World

Best friends are the people you wake up with at 4am by accident and stay awake for hours giggling in bed because it’s so much more fun to be awake with them than it is to sleep. They are the ones you can confess your weird crush on Severus Snape to, the ones who comfort you when your favorite character dies on Grey’s. They accept your weirdness and idiosyncrasies and you feel comfortable revealing them, because they share theirs too.

Who your best friend(s) is(are), I hope you text them to say thanks for being in my life. Or text them about the cute boy at the coffee shop. Or text them I love you. (But really, text them about the boy.)


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