Blog Post: Lettin’ it go. Brushin’ it off.

Ever struggled with opening up to other people and them being less than helpful or supportive? I believe this is one of the most human experiences. How then do we deal with unhelpful responses? I love this quote from “Lettin’ it go. Brushin’ it off.“:

I realized, however, that not only do I have the choice of ignoring others’ opinions, but now I’m beginning to understand that others’ opinions might be a reflection of their own fears and anxieties. And that’s ok. They are human beings; fear and anxiety creeps up on all of us. 

This is something I’m soaking in more and more, that sometimes what we hear from others is less about us and more about them.

It’s hard to practice compassion when we’re struggling with our own vulnerability. That’s from Super Soul Sunday with Brene Brown and Oprah. Check out the segment on with whom not to share our shame stories.

Here’s to you building and receiving compassion.


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