Blog Post: The little things in life

A short piece on adulthood, staying alive, and doing laundry:

There is no bridal shower or promotion party or Pulitzer Prize for doing the laundry.


Article: Replace ’empathy’ with ‘compassion and understanding’

Do feeling someone else’s pain help the world? A new Atlantic piece argues no. Ditch empathy (feeling their pain) and replace it with understanding and compassion. It’s a subtle distinction and potentially very helpful:

“Suppose you feel humiliated. I don’t think it’s what you want or what you need for your partner to feel humiliated. You want your partner to understand your humiliation and respond with love and kindness. I think for your partner to feel humiliated would be the worst thing you want. Because now, you have to worry about your partner’s feelings.”

Read the full article here:

Bonus: Brene Brown on Super Soul Sunday on who does not deserve to hear our stories: