A note on the election

Things I accept:

Both people who voted for Hillary and voted for Trump did so because it is what they saw as best for themselves and this country.

Half of eligible voters didn’t vote.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, with over 60,000,000 votes.

Donald Trump won the electoral college and is now President-Elect.

Donald Trump is promising reforms, political and economic, many of which are outside business-as-usual, and that gives millions of Americans hope that our broken system will be quickly fixed by President Trump.

Things I do not accept:

Committing or bragging about sexual assault.

Attacking immigrants.

Mocking the disabled.

Denigrating people based on race or ancestry.

Penalizing journalists for dissent.

Criticizing women for their appearance.

Praising dictators.

Vilifying religion.


I accept that our President-Elect is Donald Trump. I do not accept an America of walls, hatred, vengeance, or violence.


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