Pick up the beacon of freedom

When we look back, we question how America could have been so fearful that “Lady Liberty” could exclude by law Chinese immigrants, turn away boats of Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany, or intern her own citizens of Japanese decent. And yet here we are again.

And specifically to my Asian, Irish, Italian, and Jewish friends, we were one treated by this country the way Muslim/Middle Eastern/Arab people are now. We know the struggle our ancestors endured to make it here and how deeply American our families are. It’s up to us to hold open–or pry open again–the doors of liberty and welcome.

The statue of liberty is just that: a statue. It’s up to us to pick up her beacon of freedom.

Refugees detained at U.S. airports challenge Trump’s executive order


Liberty and justice for all

The Civil Rights movement was so divisive some Americans beat and sometimes killed other Americans. It was also so important that thousands of Americans faced that risk to advance the cause of liberty.

We may also live in deeply divided times. I hope we march forward with the moral clarity and commitment to nonviolence of the Freedom Riders and so many others.

Read four perspectives from Freedom Riders on their roles and the new national monument to their efforts: